Inspire and its staff are truly 100% a godsend! When I started dating my boyfriend a
couple years ago, I thought for sure I had found Mr. Right. If I could have written a list
of what Mr. Right would have looked and acted like, that was him. He was funny and
outgoing, charming and attentive, and probably the best of friend anyone could have
asked for. He was such a good person inside and out, definitely one of the best people I
was lucky enough to know. Though as perfect as everything seemed, I had no idea that
under all his goodness he was so sick. I had no idea how detrimental addiction was. I had
no idea that his disease would also come to include me.

When he relapsed last year, everything changed. The spark in his eyes was gone,
and the happy person I had come to know and love had disappeared. I was devastated. I
was told by countless people, “it’s not worth it, he’ll never get better” and to just cut my
losses and leave. As hard as it got, as much as he changed, and as many times, as that
thought crossed my mind, something told me to hang on a little longer. So I did, and if it
wasn’t for the help, love, and support of the staff of Inspire I would not have made it very

I was absolutely hopeless and desperate to find him help when I first reached out
to Chris Smith at Inspire. The amount of love and support I was showered with when I
reached out was amazing. As lost as I felt at the time, I will never forget Chris telling me
“Don’t give up on him yet, he can do this.” After all the times I was told to just walk
away, all it took was one person who understood, to validate my reasons for staying and
fighting this with him, and that truly gave me the strength I needed to do this.
The clinical staff of Inspire is amazing, I felt like I had a second family anytime I
would walk thru the doors. The biggest thing they taught me was that addiction is truly a
family disease, and how big of a role the family plays in supporting an addict in their
sobriety. The Family Group is AMAZING, and gave me so much useful knowledge and
tools that set me on a healthy path of recovery for myself. Most importantly, though, I
love that the staff of Inspire love and care about the clients as much as they do. I could
sleep soundly at night knowing my boyfriend was in good hands.

Today, my boyfriend is not only sober, but also so happy again, and I am so
grateful for Inspire for giving him the tools, love and support he needed to get to where
he is now. It truly is so amazing to watch him become the man he always wanted to be,
and the man I always knew him to be. Sobriety is a beautiful gift that I know he is so
thankful for. My family and our life together would not be what it is without all the love
and encouragement thru this process. I am eternally grateful for the Hope that the staff of
Inspire gave me. Without Inspire, I would have lost the love of my life. I will forever be
grateful for Inspire and the program for saving him and my family.