Family Program

At Inspire we believe that addiction is a Family Disease

Inspire offers Family Group once a week on Thursday nights from 3:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Inspire feels the
disease of addiction is a family issue and all are affected by it. We wish to help family members
know they didn’t create this, and family didn’t cause this, and the family alone can’t cure it. But they
(the family) may have contributed to it.
Inspire Family Group Room
The family group is split up into five sessions: The 1st session, family members get to find out what
has happened over the past week in treatment. The 2nd session the family members get
educated. The 3rd session is dinner, where family members get to eat with their loved ones. The
4th session the clients are split up from family members and the family members get to learn and ask questions specifically targeting their role as loved ones of addicts. Finally, (we feel we saved the best for last) the 5th session, both clients and family are together for “family process” group.