Program Outline

ID-100196568The uniqueness about our program is that it’s values-focused therapy. When a client first comes into the program they are given a list of approximately 100 values and asked to identify their top 7 values that they would like to leave treatment with and if they did they would feel their money and time was well worth it. These 7 values become the foundation of all they do in treatment. The client is given a daily inventory with these 7 values on it and they are to rate himself every night on a scale of 1-10 on how well he did on each value. In groups and individual sessions and throughout his stay he will be constantly brought back to these 7 values and questioned on if his actions are lined up with his values (the secret to happiness). The client is also asked to do a project based on each of the 7 values.

Our clients are also put through the 12-Step program. When clients leave treatment and begin to work with a sponsor they always begin the 12-Steps over. We have an individualized plan that takes them through the 12-Steps. The clients will be recording the book, “Big Book Awakenings” into their own Alcoholics Anonymous Book plus passing off their steps in groups. This along with the Values projects are the requirements to graduate the 60-day program.

We also treat underlying issues. We believe that perception is reality to the beholder and if we present a new perception we can change their lives. We believe that the issues in their past aren’t the real issue either but the message they received from it. Many clients come in feeling broken and unworthy and we wish to connect them with their Higher Power so they can feel love and worthwhile.

We offer Family Group on Thursday nights where family members come to learn and share their feelings. We recognize the Disease of Addiction as a family disease and that all are affected by it. We wish to validate the family members. We process family members with the clients in a process we choose to call carefrontation. Our clients and family members feel our love and are therefore more likely to accept our feedback. (Not up and running yet, but in the future we will be posting education classes online for family members to learn what the clients are learning in education classes.)

We offer Aftercare to our clients for free for life. We hold groups on Tuesday nights for them. They are allowed to join us for any groups if they are in a bad spot. They and their families are also always welcomed to Family Group.

We offer experiential groups which include a low ropes course, high ropes course, and ground activities. These groups help bond the clients. They also help process issues that clients don’t typically bring up in talking groups.

We also offer what most other programs offer including gym time, education groups, process groups, life skills, relapse prevention, communication skills, A.A./N.A. meetings, Big Book study groups, individual sessions with their counselors/therapists, recreation groups and inner child work.