Program Philosophy

Inspire Addiction Recovery provides residential treatment for adults suffering from the disease of addiction with/without underlying issues. Inspire adheres to but is not limited to Value-Focused Therapy. Inspire will be an intensive residential treatment program which has been found to be a successful method of treatment of substance dependence and addictive disorders.

ID-100168528Inspire views treatment as a unique opportunity to make significant changes in our clients’ lives. The home feeling, serene setting of the facility helps in the process of recovery. Our philosophy adheres to a belief that addiction and underlying issues should be treated simultaneously. We believe alcoholism, drug abuse, and/or other dependencies are diseases of the brain. We believe the whole person is afflicted and thus we treat them physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and emotionally. We also treat addictive behaviors and tendencies.

Tremendous emphasis is placed on the interaction of a team approach at Inspire. The team players help treat all clients.

Our experience shows that spirituality and social support are two essential elements for health and wholeness. People attempting recovery are more successful when their primary social relationships are included in the dynamics of the recovery process. Our Family Program is, therefore, a large component of the treatment at Inspire. We highly encourage participation in this part of the program.

The Disease Concept philosophy states that the addictive disease is progressive over time. Therefore, recovery from that progressive disease also happens over time: Recovery is a process, not an event. Treatment includes helping the clients’ transition into “real” life.

We strongly encourage ongoing participation in Aftercare, 12-Step Recovery programs, therapy, or other programs that support progress and growth. These programs will enhance knowledge of the addiction and underlying issues process and help clients remain conscious of their own recovery needs.

Above all, we recognize the need of help from our Higher Power. We know that with God all things are possible so we strive to work together.